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Unexpected death will have devastating affects on your family - don't let financial hardship be one of them.

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Term life assurance

There are a few types of term assurance available but they all have the following in common;

they have a fixed term after which the policy ceases to exist

they have an initial sum assured which is used for the basis of any future claim

Mortgage protection

The initial sum assured will decrease over the term of the policy. You can set the rate of decrease at the policy outset but by the end of the term the sum assured will have decreased to somewhere near zero. This type of policy is ideal for protecting a repayment mortgage and should pay out the prevailing sum assured on death.

If you are taking out a mortgage you should at least considered this type of policy in all circumstances.

Level term assurance

The initial sum assured will remain level over the term of the policy. This type of policy is ideal for protecting a fixed liability and will pay out the sum assured on death.

Indexed term assurance

The initial sum assured will increase over the term of the policy by the annual rate of inflation. T his type of policy is ideal for providing a lump sum payment to be used for something necessary for the wellbeing of your loved ones but the value of which is likely to be increased by the effects of inflation. It will pay out the sum assured on death.

Family income benefit

Family income benefit is a policy with a sum assured and a fixed term.

The sum assured is a monthly benefit that will start payment on death and continue to pay out until the end of the policy term.

The sum assured can be protected from the affects of inflation to ensure it's spending power isn't lost over time.

This policy can be used to protect your family's wellbeing after your death and until a time that you feel is necessary, such as the children leaving school or your partners retirement.

What next?

You have probably already come to the conclusion that protecting your family in the event of unexpected death is not really optional but necessary. However, we all have a finite amount of money and budgeting for the cost is also necessary.

We can help you decide on your available budget and prioritise. We will ensure you have the optimum protection for your available budget giving you peace of mind safe in the knowledge that if unexpected death does occur your loved ones will be financially secure.

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