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Being unable to work due to accident or sickness for a prolonged period of time can put an immense strain on your finances.

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Critical illness cover

Critical illness cover (CIC) is a life policy with a fixed term and a sum assured.

The sum assured will be paid out as a lump sum on diagnosis of a serious illness. The list of illnesses and disabilities life companies will pay out on do differ from life office to life office but they all include many cancers, heart conditions and strokes.

The advancement of medical science has given rise to an increase in recovery of many of the illnesses listed enabling you to concentrate on getting better and back to a normal life without the stresses financial hardship brings with it.

Income protection

The sad truth is many people will experience illness and/or disability that will prevent them from working.

Many employers will have a finite time they will continue to pay their employees whilst they are in recovery.

What happens when the employer stops paying? This is where income protection (IP) comes in. This is a life policy that pays a monthly income should you suffer loss of earnings due to accident or illness.

Moreover, an IP policy will protect your income for a fixed term. Within this term there is normally no restriction on the number of claims that can be made.

What next?

You have probably already come to the conclusion that protecting your income and way of life in the event of serious illness and/or being unable to work due to accident or illness is not really optional but necessary. However we all have a finite amount of money and budgeting for the cost is also necessary.

We can help you decide on your available budget and prioritise. We will ensure you have the optimum protection for your available budget giving you peace of mind safe in the knowledge that if unexpected illness or disability does occur you and your loved ones will be financially secure.

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