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Right to buy

Specialist lenders do offer right to buy mortgages. However, they tend to only offer them over a limited period of time. If you do need a specialist lender due to your circumstances Lawrie Mortgages will be able to help find a suitable lender as we are constantly updating our knowledge base as to which lender is offering what.

Furthermore, lenders have differing criteria so we ensure we have a complete understanding of your circumstances to enable us to recommend the most suitable lender first time.

Right to acquire

Right to acquire is a similar offer made by a recognised housing association as that offered by a council through a right to buy. However, not all lenders offer mortgages for right to buy AND right to acquire.

If you have been offered to buy your home from a housing association through a right to acquire discounted price arrangement get in touch so we can start looking for your ideal mortgage to take advantage of the offer made.

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