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One years accounts

Contract workers

Directors and limited companies


Whatever the hurdle you may be facing as self-employed considering a mortgage our advisers will help you find an affordable deal.

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The big hurdle

Proving to a lender that your business has had consistant profits in the past and the likelihood that these profits are set to continue and rise can be challenging. The lender wants to be sure that you are going to be able to meet the mortgage payments moving forward. However, all lenders have their own approach when it comes to application assessment. Your Lawrie Mortgage adviser will understand the differing approaches and will be able to help with,

One year accounts

Working from latest years figures only

Self assessment only - no accountant certification

Ideally a lender will want to see at least 2 years certified accounts showing a profit that will meet their affordability criteria. But we maybe able to help where this is not possible.

What is self-employed?

As a self-employed person applying for a mortgage you can be eligible for the same mortgage products as an employed person can be eligible for. You will be considered self-employed if you are,

Sole trader

Within a partnership

Company director with a controlling stake of more than 20 to 25% of the company

These will include self-employed often referred to as


Contract workers

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